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     The team I employed to give me a weekly cleaning service in my flat were amazing; the cleaner was highly qualified, friendly and willing to meet any requests. The first visit and consultation was easy and hassle-free.
Elise Hewett26/07/2023
     In the past, results from hired professional cleaners have been mixed, leaving me with hesitation when hiring this company. To my delight however, they delivered an amazing service that has exceeded all of my expectations - I would definitely recommend this company!
Pia E.05/06/2023
     Harefield Carpet Cleaning is a friendly, reliable, trustworthy and professional cleaning company. I enjoyed a great experience with this team.
Robert H19/05/2020
     When it comes to cleaners, a lot of companies make promises they can't deliver. HarefieldCarpetCleaners is true to their word every time. They're the most consistent, reliable cleaning company.
Ramona Bailey20/09/2019
     Harefield Carpet Cleaning did a super end of tenancy clean when a tenant of mine moved out and left a terrible mess. He didn't get his bond returned obviously, as he left such a mess. Luckily this company came to my rescue and sent in a team of cleaners to clean from top to bottom until the place shined with cleanliness!
Johnny T.13/01/2016
     My team and I were struggling to get our move to a new office sorted while staying on top of our workload. When end of tenancy cleaning became another aspect, we thought we were done for. One of my employees told me about Harefield Carpet Cleaner and I didn't hesitate to call them. Their staff took care of the cleaning chores fully while we got on with everything else. Everything was completed smoothly in the end, and I don't know how we could have done it without them.
Will P.27/05/2015
     I am not the kind to fear away from extra tasks - but cleaning the entire house in-depth is just impossible with me, as I work more than 10 hours every day. I called Harefield Carpet Cleaning one week ago and I will stuck with them for the future too because I love my cleaning lady! She's just wonderful: perfectionist, polite, friendly and always reliable!
Sarah H.17/03/2015
     Love this company and their cleaning services. Harefield Carpet Cleaning have been cleaning my house for a few months now and I can't imagine ever going back to cleaning it on my own! They do a much more thorough job than me, and now I have so much more time to myself!
Lauren Cameron29/01/2015
     Having our kitchen renovated was so exciting, but once the builders had gone home I was left staring at this colossal mess! That's why I got in touch with Harefield Carpet Cleaning who sent out cleaners that same afternoon to take care of the chaos. They not only cleared away all the debris, but dusted and thoroughly cleaned every corner and crevice around the house. I was so satisfied with the delivery of the cleaning service that I intend to hire them again after our Christmas party!
     I run my business from a home office and since my wife is working full time both of us decided it would make more sense for me to oversee the house cleaning tasks. After a couple of attempts at cleaning myself, I decided to hire cleaning services. I'd heard nothing but rave reviews about Harefield Carpet Cleaning and I wanted professional cleaners so that I wouldn't have to take time away from work but could still keep the house in decent shape. For quick, affordable and thorough results I really recommend working with the team. My wife and I are both really pleased with our choice.
Mark Richardson19/09/2014
     It's so good having your own cleaner! I can highly recommend that and especially Harefield Carpet Cleaning. The cleaners I've had come round to my home have been really professional as well as the cleaning itself being amazingly good. I don't know how you keep your prices so low but anyway I'm glad you do! To be honest, I wish I knew about you years before you could have saved me so much work and time. Although this is my first experience of having a cleaner, if anyone else out there is looking for a superior cleaning company then I can highly recommend this one.
Julie M.13/08/2014
     I live alone, in my bachelor pad as many will say lol, as you can imagine it gets a little untidy at times and although I do try to clean I'm the first to admit that cleaning is not my forte. I do work extremely hard and my schedule is pretty much full on, I go to the gym before work most days and usually do some other sports like swimming or badminton afterwards; I'm a bit of a sports freak! After arriving home late most evenings I do not feel in the mood to clean around so I've decided to hire a company called Harefield Carpet Cleaning who do my chores at weekends for me and let's just say life is great, it works so well for me.
Charlie F.08/05/2014
     I am hugely grateful to Harefield Carpet Cleaning for doing me such a good deal on my carpet cleaning recently. I was a little concerned that I would not get them done well for the price that I could afford, but in fact it was very easily done within my budgets. Even one stain that needed dry cleaning was sorted for a very good price. I recommend this company very highly, as they were good value and very nice to deal with!
Phyllis Alexander07/01/2014
     I don't think there are any cleaning companies in the entire region that can even come close to Harefield Carpet Cleaning - and believe me- I've tried a lot of them! I've been looking for a house cleaner with the same high standards as me, but none of the ones I've tried had managed to deliver until I got in touch with the experts at this service! My cleaner used a load of really interesting and effective cleaning techniques that left everything looking not just clean, but as good as new! I have high regards for this company - thanks so much!
Linda Thomas17/12/2013